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Dion is a mature, timeless brand. Its main power is a combination of maturity
and experience of main designer who is presenting his vision, open mindness, and
devotion for design represented by the owner. Our Team puts so much attention to every process that our products undergo from designing and manufacturing to sales and after sale care. We try to support architects and end customers on every step of creating their projects and dream places.

Both fabrics we use and cut patterns we do are of highest quality using best fabric’s suppliers and best precise cut machines. Therefore we take great pride and we work with highest standards including attention to details, because we know that only that way we can represent the exclusiveness and top quality which is later presented to our customers.


Dion brand has been created for people who value best design with changing trends. They tend to experience various cultures whilst traveling, but they value harmony and peacefulness extremly which is building their inner calmness and sooth the senses. 

Following our lead designer’s words:
Good design is the one that survives the passing time.”


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